Gesture Controlled Robot

Online Robotics Summer Camp – Workshop on Gesture Controlled Robot for Students from Grade 5 to 12

Building a robot on your own is probably the coolest thing you can ever imagine, as a student!
What if you could control it with your simple hand gestures?
That’ll be super cool, right!? 
Make this summer as special one with CIRRD.  Its an opportunity for you to learn & build a ‘Gesture Controlled Robot’ on your own, using a DIY kit.
Even if you haven’t had any previous exposure to arduino programming or electronic circuit projects so far, never mind it, let’s begin from the very beginning!
You will have webinars on weekends, through which you will be learning all the basics of arduino programming, circuits, and assembly.
If you wanna build this robot, enroll now!


Day1: intro to robotics, types of robots, concepts of input, output& processor. schematic of ‘Gesture Controlled Robot’
Day2: Intro to arduino & pinout, Installing arduino software, intro to sensors& pinouts
Day 3: Basics of arduino coding- Data types, Pin initialization, basic functions, serial port output.
Day4: Integrating accelerometer with arduino, introducing Bluetooth configurations, sample programs to Familiarize accelerometer & Bluetooth module
Day 5: Discussing logic for Coding both the TX & RX arduinos.
Day 6: Coding & Debugging
Day 7: Coding continues, Explaining the basics of motor circuit & circuit connections checking
Day 8: Starts with mechanical & electrical assembly, Final testing, Debugging & Running

Who all can attend?

Students from grade 5 to 12

Mode of training



Duration is 8 classes. ( Evening 5.30 to 8)

Course fee

Training Fee : 3000

Robot Kit charge : 4500

Setup needed from students

  • Laptop/Desktop
  • OS- Windos7 onwards / Linux / Mac
  • 7 Ghz dual core processor, 2GB RAM (minimum)
  • Internet and wifi connection
  • Android mobile phone
  • Gmail account





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