IETE Certified Robotics Workshop for College Students

IETE Certified Robotics + IoT Workshop for College Students

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already in implementation in its very base stages with the abundance of smart devices around us and robotics is not far behind in terms of becoming a very part of our day to day lives. Thus college students especially those in the fields of engineering and science could potentially stand to gain a lot by having some fundamental knowledge in the respective areas and a workshop of this caliber is the perfect way to get started. Over the duration of the course students will learn about various types of components used in the building of a basic robot like sensors, communication modules, microcontrollers etc. Combine that with basic coding lessons and hands-on work building fun and aesthetically appealing fully functional robots it’s an opportunity worth making the most of.

Why we are different?

  1. IETE approved certification.
  2. High quality take away training kits at low cost.
  3. Experienced faculty.
  4. More focus on hands-on training and practical skill development.
  5. In-house developed training kit
  6. Kit is open-source and capable of interfacing with other sensors

College Students pursuing any discipline (Engineering/Science) are eligible for the course irrespective of their semester.

Class Timing

Every Saturday from 9am to 12pm


Six weeks


IETE Kochi Centre Justice Chadrasekhara Menon Rd, Marine Drive, Ernakulam, Kerala 682011

Dates to remember

Last date of  registration : August 10, 2018

Date of commencement of course : September 1, 2018


Kit charges INR 3500 + Training charges INR 1000 = Total : INR 4500


Syllabus – Robotics+IoT workshop at IETE venue


  • Introduction to robotics- [What is a robot, Types of robots, Scope of robotics]
  • Laws used in robotics- [ 3 laws of robotics, Newton’s laws, Friction, Momentum, Torque]
  • Basics of microcontrollers- [ Evolution of IC, Difference between microcontroller and Microprocessors]
  • Introduction to Arduino – [What is Arduino, Power management, Digital pins ,Analog pins, Cristal oscillator, MIPS]
  • Basics of Voltage, Current and Resistance
  • Software installation– [Installing Arduino IDE, Installing Google Blockly, Installing CH341 driver software ]
  • Interfacing LED – [About LED, Circuit, Software interface, Coding, Uploading code, Troubleshooting, Practical implementation of LED by students]


  • Components in robotics – [Actuators(pneumatic, electric, hydraulic),Sensors(analog and digital, introduction to some sensors),Controlling unit, Power supply ]
  • Building robot structure– [Brief introduction to all components available in the kit, completing robot structure]
  • Introduction to sensors- [Theory -IR sensor, Ultrasonic sensor ,Sound sensor, LDR]
  • Project-[Axis of rotation, Degree of freedom, Logic for motion, Move the robot in all direction]


  • Concept of loops in programming– [ ‘For’ loop ,How to stop a loop, AND function, exercises using loop]
  • Interfacing IR sensors – [Get digital input, use digitalWrite() function, Calibrating IR sensor, 2 exercises by using IR sensor by coding ]
  • Obstacle avoiding robot– [Setup robot structure, Fixing IR sensors, Calibrating sensor, Coding ]
  • Line follower robot– [Characteristics of black body, Use of line follower robot ,Modify structure of robot, Calibrating sensor, Coding]


  • Serial monitor– [Need for communication, feedback, USART, baud rate, Arduino IDE for communication, Serial.begin() and Serial.println() ]
  • Hello world -[ Use serial monitor and print ‘Hello world’ by coding ]
  • Connecting a Bluetooth module– [ Introducing HC-05 Bluetooth module, Interfacing with controller]
  • Smartphone controlled robot – [Coding, Navigate a Bluetooth controlled robot using a Mobile App, Introduction to other communication devices and their advantage]


  • Introduction to IoT-[What is IoT, Importance of IoT, Areas where IoT can be implemented]
  • AT commands of ESP8266 module -[Understand and use AT commands]
  • Installing the Blynk app
  • Controlling LED remotely through the internet-[ Using the Blynk App control devices online]


  • Interfacing temperature sensor-[ Take room temperature using LM35 and display it on a serial monitor]
  • Opening an account in Thinkspeak [Use Thinkspeak and create an account in Thinkspeak]
  • Uploading data to Thinkspeak-[upload the temperature and plot in Thinkspeak]
  • Certificate distribution
  • Review

Kit charges-           3500 INR

Training charges-1000 INR


Total-                      4500 INR

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